The Remote
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The Guide for Women to Go Remote & Thrive—Now available for $2.99 (US).

The Guide for Women to Go Remote & Thrive in the New Age of Work

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Gain the Tools to Build a Remote Career That Matches Your Passions & Lifestyle Goals!

In this book you'll discover stories, strategies, and step-by-step processes from 50+ women remote work experts to help you thrive in the new age of work!

Whether you're a remote employee, freelancer, entrepreneur, or dream of going remote, The Remote Work Era is your indispensable guide.

This is the only book featuring leaders at:, Remotive, Buffer, Doist, the Wikimedia Foundation, the Freelancer's Union, the Digital Nomad Girls Community & more....

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What You’ll Learn

The Remote Work Era strives to help women gain the remote careers of their dreams and life-changing freedom by showing you…


How to take advantage of the future of work

The way we work is rapidly changing! Discover the workforce changes happening all around us and why now is the perfect time to go remote.


The powerful benefits of working remotely

Learn how going remote can create a massive impact on your life and how it is already empowering women and marginalized workers around the world.


How to find the right remote path for you

Feeling confused about the whole remote work thing? We have defined three remote paths to help you find a direction that’s perfect for you. You can also take the quiz to identify your remote persona and where you fit into the Remote Work Era!


How to make more money & advance remotely

Working remotely shouldn't mean making financial or career sacrifices in exchange for flexibility. Learn how to build a remote career that’s flexible, profitable, and fulfilling from the insights of 50+ remote work experts around the world!


How to land your remote dream job

Never had a remote or digital job? No problem! Get started or level up in your remote career using timeliness mindset principles, personal branding and networking techniques, upskilling strategies, and more.


How to build a thriving freelance career

Want maximum freedom? Learn how to grow a profitable, sustainable freelancing business with foolproof tactics for getting high-paying clients and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.


How to launch & scale a digital business

Build your own digital business, whether it's an agency, subscription service, online community, app, or e-commerce venture. Learn from the successes and failures of women who have done it and let them show you the way! 


How to lead remote teams

Learn leadership strategies and best practices for managing remote, distributed teams with advice from leaders at top remote organizations like Basecamp, Buffer, and many others!

...and much, much more.

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Meet The Author

Hi! I'm Rhiannon Payne.

I left high school at 17, moved to California, and chartered an unconventional path to success that has allowed me to travel the world while running a six-figure business in the tech industry.

Despite the challenges along the way, being a full-time remote worker for over five years has shown me that it’s possible to have a fulfilling career that perfectly matches one's desires and goals in life.

Throughout the years, I’ve experienced…

  • Working remotely for big corporate clients as well as startups across Silicon Valley, Europe, and Japan.
  • Running my own business while traveling to over 30 countries.
  • Leading a globally distributed team in almost every time zone.
  • Speaking at conferences globally, including at the United Nations in Geneva.
  • Living a life I’ve designed for myself while working on things I’m passionate about.

I've harnessed the opportunities of the Remote Work Era to accomplish all of this before age 30, despite dropping out of high school just over a decade ago.

This journey has led me to pour my heart and soul into writing this book so I can help women discover their own paths to success.

The Remote Work Era is opening doors for so many women around the world to live the lives they’ve dreamed of, and this is only the beginning.

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“I wasn’t sure what to do after graduating from college this year or how to earn money after COVID hit, but this book opened my eyes to new possibilities to work online that I never knew existed. It also helped me understand the value of my time and gave me so much confidence when pitching to clients and building my network. Thank you!”

Kelsey Eelman
Beta Reader / Eelwoman Crafts

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"2020 has not only welcomed a new decade but due to COVID has pushed remote work to the forefront of our minds… I'm excited to share my knowledge in The Remote Work Era! Rhiannon's experience, and the insights of the women she has featured, will be a huge help to those who are new to digital work and all the opportunities it can offer."

Devani Anjali
Interviewee / CEO of Liberty Virtual Assistants

Who Should Read The Remote Work Era?

Are you wondering if this book or lifestyle are for you? Discover your remote persona and we'll guide you on a path to success that works for you...

The Entrepreneur
Wants to build something, lead a team, and have complete control over their lives and careers.

The Nomad
Wants the lifestyle flexibility to travel the world while earning money through digital skills.

The Parent
Fills many roles at home and work and wants to spend more time with family while earning a stable income.

The Employee
Is tired of commuting and wants more time for hobbies and self-care without sacrificing their career prospects or income.

The Beginner
Is still uncertain about what they want for their career but knows they want to do something different from their peers and live a life of greater freedom.

“Have you ever gone on vacation and thought, "Too bad I have to go home and get back to my job"? Have you wished you could travel more or even live abroad? I've done it, and many women in this book have done it. Turn the pages and let Rhiannon show you how. It'll be the best decision you ever make!”

Diana J. Scott
Interviewee / Remote Medical Transcriber

A Powerful Guide For Women Who Want a Life of Freedom & Flexibility

Have you ever felt like you needed to choose between the career you want and the life you dream of?

If you’re like most of us, you want the best of both worlds:

To have a fulfilling career and have time and flexibility for all the other things that matter.

We’re told that life doesn’t work that way—that we’re “supposed” to crowd our days with career stress and busyness so that we can someday live the lives we want.

But we end up living our lives looking into the future, waiting for that day to come.

However, times have changed.

In this new age of work, getting the career you want is possible without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or personal goals.

In fact, you can have a thriving career that allows you to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

This is the Remote Work Era...
...and it is within your reach!

The goal of The Remote Work Era is to help women and underrepresented talent around the world find their paths to success in the new age of work... matter where you're starting in your journey!

With so many business and career resources written by men, it was important to me to write a book about remote work that is relatable and inspiring.

To achieve this, I interviewed 50+ women remote work leaders across six continents, gathered their most valuable insights, and curated them into one powerful book.

The Remote Work Era is an actionable guide with all the information you need to get started or grow as a remote employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur!

You’ll learn from stories, strategies, and frameworks how to create a life that centers you as a person, not just you as a worker.

Because let’s face it… we know we’re meant for more in life than sitting behind a desk!

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"When I decided to turn my copywriting hobby into a full-time business, I had no idea where to start and was feeling defeated early on. Reading The Remote Work Era was a transformative experience that gave me the confidence to start on my A-game… Rhiannon breaks it down in a way that makes it easy to see how I could build a successful remote business and inspired me to keep going. Thank you!"

Alisse Russell
Beta Reader / Freelance Copywriter

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Questions About
The Remote Work Era...

Is this a beginner-friendly book?

Definitely! I have outlined the steps that you can take to pursue a remote career path that works for you so you can kickstart your journey immediately, wherever you are in your career.

Will this be useful for me even if I’m an experienced remote worker?

Yes! There are lots of proven tips and processes inside the book that can help you thrive in your career—even as an experienced remote worker, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

Is success guaranteed?

Your success depends on your actions. I'm providing a guide for how to succeed in the Remote Work Era (but if you don’t take action and apply what you've learned, you still won’t achieve success!)